Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Comic I drew yester-yesterday:

I decided to take advantage of my comics not having boxes seperating each frame and playing around with things a little... the lady and man don't actually become the same person, okay? ...I don't know, is it too confusing?

Also, whaddya think of this blog becoming a comic blog? Lately, I've been getting lots of inspiration to draw comics... and it's really fun doing them and then reading your comments & feedback. Based on the comment count, it seems that my comics are more interesting to read than stories about my life.:P

This time, I have Mr.Andy Yu to thank for the inspiration! Yep, it only took 2 lines...
(9:41 PM) andy: what kind of soup did you have?
(9:41 PM) (tu) Feng: cream of chicken n mushroom
(9:46 PM) andy: yum
(9:58 PM) (tu) Feng: it was...
(9:58 PM) (tu) Feng: warms you up from the inside
(9:58 PM) (tu) Feng: it's like LOVE.
(9:59 PM) (tu) Feng: Soup is like love...
(9:59 PM) (tu) Feng: I could make another comic from that
Have you noticed that all my comics so far have been based around food?o.o Oreos, Coffee, Bacon and now Soup!

Doof si doog!
Food is good!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another 'Comic I drew yesterday:'

My comics are slowly making less and less sense, I think...

Oh! And, thank you, Mr.Vincent Ma, for inspiring me to draw this comic by *drum roll* chatting with me on msn!
(22:52) vincema: we cannot be friends any longer.
(22:52) (tu) Feng: why naut?OAO
(22:52) vincema: -insert depressed emoticon-
(22:53) (tu) Feng: Sent an ink message: (it was a piece of bacon)
(22:53) (tu) Feng: omg
(22:53) (tu) Feng: BRB I NEED TO DRAW
I looooooove bacon, I really do...

EDIT: Don't worry, Vincent didn't reaaaally mean what he said... I think. o___o

Monday, June 8, 2009

I did it!

I made friends with the sewing machine(of doom) ...and made a dress while I was at it. The dress isn't that important (or spectacular, for that matter) though. What's important is that I USED THE SEWING MACHINE long enough to creative something!

What for? For the 'Challenge Yourself' brief presented to the happy students of Communication Design @RMIT by Elizabeth Farlie, Reinar Rivera and Chris Hewson(listed in the order of most dependable when it comes to attendance to least. Chris is such a rare pokemon...)

For my challenge, I decided to address my fear of the sewing machine(of doom). It's plagued me from my childhood 'til now, starring in my nightmares as the evil sewing machine(of doom) monster... I think I first started being scared of it watching mum work on it as a child. It made strange loud noises, shook the table and the super fast moving needle didn't make it appear more friendly either.

Before I started trying to work with it, I got mum to teach me the ropes. (Also got her to promise that it wouldn't eat me.) It helped a lot just knowing what things were for... made the contraption a lot less confusing/mysterious/scary.

I owe a huuuuuuuuuge 'THANK YOU' to Mummy dearest for supervising me through the whole thing, and to Elizabeth, Reinar and Chris(too; since he did help me that one time he showed up to class) for getting me to do it! Maybe, with enough time and practice, I can be a sewing machine-machine! Geddit? (I'm so lame when I'm feeling proud... :P)