Monday, December 15, 2008

Why, Hello there!

It's been a while since my last blog post... not to say I had forgotten about my blog! I kept telling Helen I'd write another post 'soon'. I got around to it eventually, as you can see.:) Anyway, results came out today! I did... better than I thought I would, though not something I'd broadcast to the world... the internet is daunting like that. I guess you could ask me though, it doesn't feel weird if I tell people one-on-one I think. Also, a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge Congratulations to Ivy, Helen & Jenny who got impressive results!

Today is also the day I got my first advisory letter following the interviews! I applied and went for interviews for Visual Communication at RMIT and Monash(Caulfield). It was today that I got a reply from Monash reading:
"...I am pleased to inform that you have met these pre-selection requirements. This means that Monash University is prepared to make you an offer for this course in the main round of VTAC offers provided that you achieve an ENTER of at least 70.00 and other selection criteria as set out in the 2009 VTAC Guide."
Yay! Looks like I'll be going to Monash next year... unless RMIT decides that they wouldn't mind having me in their course too. Then I'd be the one doing the choosing.:P

"Like receiving a love letter on valentines day~"
EDIT [16/12/08]: I got a similiar letter from RMIT today... which one, which one?!

So what's been keeping me busy? Well... there were... dates with Helen, 2 uni interviews, Cal's party, Rock Band at Phil's, charcoal chicken with Chad, schoolies at Somers, Richie's 18th, lazing around, sleepovers... oh. By the way...
I dyed my hair.
*runs away*

Thursday, October 30, 2008

R.I.P. Kigengire-san

Yesterday, my wallet was stolen... in it was 3 dollars in loose change. :P Hah! However, I did lose my dear, 期限切れさん(kigengire-san) who guarded my wallet valiantly. He stayed at his post to the bitter end. It's quite ironic, 'kigengire' means 'expired' and now, Kigengire-san is dead to me because he is gone.

Coincidentally, the only photo I have of him is one where he is on a paper boat. It's as if he's going across the river styx. (The river styx is the boundary between Earth and the Underworld in Greek mythology, going across it would mean dying.)

Ahhh, I miss you , 期限切れさん!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Last day of Highschool

Pursuing high achievement,
For excellence we strive,
Mount Waverley, Mount Waverley
Forever may you thrive.

Mount Waverley, Mount Waverley
Your praise we loudly sing,
We learn to live and live to learn
Knowledge conquers everything.

The Phoenix and the Unicorn
Rose up above the flames,
Mount Waverley,Mount Waverley
You're flying high again

Mount Waverley, Mount Waverley
Your praise we loudly sing,
We learn to live and live to learn
Knowledge conquers everything.

At sport we aim to be the best,
Our will to win is strong,
Mount Waverley, your victories
We celebrate in song.

Mount Waverley, Mount Waverley
Your praise we loudly sing,
We learn to live and live to learn
Knowledge conquers everything.

Our school song is so corny but because I'm so soppy, it has sentimental value to me.:P
I'll miss school...♥

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Time flies

I don't feel 17 yet.

Monday, August 4, 2008


...aaaaanyway, yesterday was the Monash Uni (caulfield campus) Open Day, to which I went with Helen! I found it really helpful in solidifying some stuff I knew and also, learning about some new things. For example, I had no idea that the multimedia course was ENTER-based!:O No interview/folio-presentation required... Yay! ...The open day seemed to have adverse effects on Helen though. It seems that it confused her more instead... がんばってねちんいきち!しっかり! It'll all work out!

The faculties had set up displays showcasing student works and such. There was also a lot of candy up for grabs. What struck me most, however, was a display from the visual art faculty in which a box of lego was presented on a table, along with a sign which read, 'What does art mean to you in a few blocks?'

I made a smiley face! For me, Art would be... happiness (I think) because art makes me... happy!(duh.) Due to my poor colour selection, it turned out to look more like a frog... but sure, anything goes, I guess. ;)

Then, we went out for some lunch. Since the Korean restaurant was closed and Helen hadn't tried Thai before, we ended up at KFC and had dessert at the Gloria Jeans next door. Now, what I'm about may shock or surprise you but... Helen (yes, Helen Oh in yr12 at MWSC) treated me at Gloria Jeans! The tables were turned! Not only was I the one being treated, it was Helen doing the treating! (Helen = the person I treat the most + very economical) I'm still in shock... but thank you, Helen!♥♥♥ Being treated is fun... I should do it more often! (too bad it doesn't really work that way..)

Then, I had to go home to finish off viscom since the final of presentation 1 was due today!:( I'm thankful that I managed to finish with time for sleep (instead of pulling an allnighter, like with the last folio..) but I'm not entirely happy with it... so I'll probably refine it a bit more sometime later.:) Here's a little snippet from the full piece though;

The scales on the armour took a while... but I think it was worth the time/effort.:)

Now to add onto my collection of 'shaped' food, (refer to the post I made on the 8th, July if you have no idea what I'm talking about) I present...

Fish heart! Eww... I mean, Heart-shaped fish?:S

Egg Smiley-face!:)
(Explanation for those who can't see it: The yolk is a huge nose, sort of clown-like. Then, the 3 splats of soy sauce are the eyes if you focus on the clearer splats.) ...and okay, fine! I guess it isn't that clear that it's a smiley-face... but I didn't intend it to be! It just turned out like that... so it's a pretty good smiley-face for a coincidental one!

Consumed at different times between the 8th July post and now... I think.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My questions?

It's peaceful. I sit and eat breakfast to the sounds of a well-played french accordion floating from the speakers to my ears. Just me; sitting, eating, listening. Enjoying the tranquility of an unemployed kitchen. It's so perfect... or is it? What if it isn't perfect? What if I'm not 'greedy' enough to seek out more? That's okay then, isn't it? As long as I'm happy. Or at least, as long as I think I'm happy. How would I know? Maybe the monks have a point... living a life without attachment...? Being brought up in a materialistic world, would I be able to ever feel what they feel? Oh well, too late. It's alright, I'm happy... I think. Well, I like it this way, that I'm sure of. Now... how long can it last? Will I be doing the same in 5 years? Even 10? Sitting, eating, listening... contemplating?

speaking of my future... what will it be like? Will I be successful? What is 'success'? I suppose, for me, happiness = success. Will I still think the same later on? How would my drawings look then? They change every year, they get better every year... can I keep improving like that? I hope so... but even if they do, where would I go with them? Will I ever give up drawing...? I can't imagine that at this point in my life... I've been drawing throughout my life... what is life like without drawing? Wait. Why do I draw? Is drawing my life...? Is it like breathing, for me? Do I need it?

Needs. I need so many things... but why? I have them... and I need them... am I addicted? If that's how it works... then I'm addicted to friendship, or at least, positive human interaction. I use that term because I'm not sure what 'friendship' really means. didn't help much either...
1. The quality or condition of being friends.
2. A friendly relationship: formed many new friendships over the summer.
3. Friendliness; good will: a policy of friendship toward other nations.
3, would probably be the most helpful... for the other 2 you'd need to have interpreted a meaning to 'friend' for yourself, and me being the indecisive person I am, have not. Anyway, 3, 'good will'. So, a friend is a person you have 'good will' towards? Oh wait... it could also be a person who has 'good will' towards you... well, then 'friends' are people who wish each other well. It's easier if it's plural.

Could you answer any of my questions?

~바보~ ღ says:
*starts reading lastest blog post*
~바보~ ღ says:
*stops reading latest blog post*
(tu) みねまる says:
nah dw
(tu) みねまる says:
I read over it after I finished writing
(tu) みねまる says:
and was like
(tu) みねまる says:
(tu) みねまる says:
but I wasn't emo at all
(tu) みねまる says:
I was just thinking about stuff
so, yes! Don't worry if you got worried that I was going emo... because I'm not! (yet:P) Was merely thinking... and meeting a lot of tough questions.^_^;;

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Dazzling Day

Lalalalalalalalala~♪ I'm in a good mood! I had a wonderful day today! Mr.Young (my physics teacher) was away for the double so I had no classes after break! I played soccer with some guys and a few yr9s, where once again, I showed the silly prejudice yr9s that girls CAN play soccer; by continually tackling the ball from them... it's always rewarding to see their initial dumbfounded expressions.:) My left knee seems to have had to pay the price though, I blocked two mid-level switches using it and was later damaged by Terry monster-truck Chan whom I collided with in a tackle... damn, no wonder people never tackle Terry, Terry hurts! I got winded by his elbow in a separate tackle attempt... ah well, I wouldn't be playing soccer if I was afraid of getting hurt, right?;)

During lunch, I was informed of the restocked the Hot Chocolate powder in the kitchen!♥ While Helen, Jenny, Minki and Ivy prepared for their debate, I slowly contemplated crashing it... and ended up doing so.XD Thanks to Edwin, who told me what I needed to bring in and Darren(Ichwan) for lending me his copy of 'Maestro' I successfully snuck and blended in with the ESL students. Ahhhh~ it's good to be asian~ In return for the favour, I diligently took notes from the debate for Ichwan... and luckily so! The teachers went around checking everyone's notes later on! I was even praised by the unsuspecting teacher who checked my mainstream-english-standard notes! hurhurhurhur...

After the debate, we went to play soccer again! At first, I didn't manage to tackle the opposition, Simon and Paul are good at sheilding the ball... then my epic streak kicked in and I tackled Simon, dribbled, shielded from Mong and ran on to score my first goal!:D I couldn't have wished for a better first goal... it was so clear! It wasn't a rebound, I soloed and it's not like the goalie wasn't there either! It felt awesome, though I highly doubt I'll score another any time soon. No matter, I'm happy just tackling the opposition.♥

Also, whilst we walked home together; Helen, Narae and I made cute, japanese, 'guy' names for each other! Helen is ちんいきち(Chinikichi) because her Japanese/Chinese name is Chini, Narae's is なれたろう(Naretarou) and mine is みねまる(Minemaru) since Feng translated into japanese is 'mine'~ ahh~ Friendship is so beautiful~♥

I hope your day was as fantastic as mine!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Trudge, trudge, trudge

School's started again... how fast the holiday flew past! My mind and body are still very much in holiday-mode. Work is piling up... fortunately, the weather's been great! Sunny skies on cool days, cool but not cold; I hope it keeps up.

The wonderful weather is no match for my disinclination against school though... the motivation to work hard slowly seeped away during the holidays and I find myself loafing around during class time.:( Viscom mock-up for pt1 of folio 4 due in less than 2 weeks! Ah well, at least I finally got inspired for the major Studio Production for Art. My theme is conformity and freedom. Can't wait to get started for that... I have a few ideas I want to paint out! Too bad I'm busy playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon instead... ^^;

It's wonderful wu liao fun! When I first started, I did the personality test and came as the 'jolly' type, ending up as a Munchlax............... after playing the first 3 dungeons, I decided I couldn't spend the rest of the game playing as a fat, weird-looking cat so decided to use a FAQ to become a Piplup (water pokemon can take shortcuts in some dungeons!) I also rechose my partner as a Chikorita and decided to name her, 'Helen'. Helen the Chikorita and Feng the Piplup later formed an exploration team which I named, Team Seishun! (Seishun = 青春 = youth, I don't know why, I just have a liking for 'seishun'... similiar to my fondness towards 'noutenki') When I told Helen at school today, she didn't seem very enthusiastic about it.:P

I hope to either finish this game or get bored with it soon so I can properly concentrate on school work... maybe I shouldn't have started it the day before school started............... Speaking of concentration, I've been daydreaming a lot lately. Daydreaming isn't normally too bad but I sometimes when I blank out, I come back finding someone staring at me directly. See, what happens is that I start daydreaming in someone's direction, they look up and see me 'staring' at them(when I'm actually daydreaming and not paying attention to the information being relayed from my eyes) and they stare back... very, very, very, very awkward!


I will end this post and attempt to do some work with Kim's tag. I normally don't respond to tags but ah well~ For Kim!

In order to answer the tag questions, name 5 people you can think of right off the top of your head. For those whom was tagged, please don't read the questions underneath unless you already write the names of all the 5 people. This is a lot funnier if you randomly list the names first.

1. Kim
2. Peter
3. Darren(Cheah)
4. Helen
5. Xandie

1. How did you meet number 1? (Kim)
We were in the same class from yr5 onwards at G.I.S.

2. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your friendship with 1? (Kim)
*gets shot for not following rules and being corny at the same time*

3. How long have you known 4? (Helen)
Since yr10 through the Badminton round robin, I remember my onigiri was a conversation piece somewhere at the start.

4. How do you know number 3? (Darren)
Knew him as 'the other Malaysian person' at school during the whole of yr10 , then as 'Vanessa's admirer' throughout yr11, got to know him better towards the end of last year and now he's a 'valued' friend.:P

5. Where is 5? (Xandie)
hmmm... she's not online atm, so maybe at uni?

6. A fact about number 1? (Kim)
She's very energetic and we become super hyper in each other's presence!XD

7. Who is 4 going out with? (Helen)
If she were going out with someone, it'd be with me. *gets shot by Helen*

8. What does 1 do for a living? (Kim)
She just graduated from G.I.S. so she's not earning yet... (Kim, what do you want to do for a living?)

9. Would you live with number 3?(Darren)
I can't really imagine it...

10. What do you like about number 2?(Peter)
He relates to a lot of people and connects to many different wavelengths. I often find him striking up a conversation with a person he's just met. In short, he's easy to talk to.:)

11. Do you miss number 5? (Xandie)
Yes! I've only seen her once this year and because of VCE I can't sing with her anymore!

12. What’s you opinion of number 2? (Peter)
He's a really friendly guy whose heart's in the right place, quite a funny drunk too.

13. What’s your favourite memory with number 5?(Xandie)
Singing and dancing Seishun Amigo together with her at karaoke and on the streets in the city.

14. What would you do if number 1 and 2 were going out?(Kim & Peter)
Woah... very unexpected!O__O I think it'd be really interesting... though I don't think they're each other's 'types'... if it did happen, I'd muse, "Small world~".

15. Ever had a long conversation with 5?(Xandie)
Yeah, I think I have...

16. Have you slept at 2’s house?(Peter)
Yep, when I got locked out or when the bumming lasted until fatigue got the better of me and I dozed off.

17. Do you hang out with 3 alot? (Darren)
I think so, kind of... talk to him in school, play soccer and sometimes lan?

18. Who have you known the longest?
Kim, about... 6 years of friendship?:D

19. How often do you talk to 1?(Kim)
We used to chat on msn everyday but recently her internet's been iffy and none of my messages get to her! She's in Malaysia too..

20.How about 2?(Peter)
We used to chat on msn quite regularly, but he's been going out a lot.:P

21. Have you ever thought 3 more than a friend?(Darren)

22. Would you go out for a date with 5?(Xandie)
haww... I don't think so, if she accepted, she might force me to crossdress

23. Do you dream about 2?(Peter)
He probabaly has been included in a dream... I can't really remember any though.

24. What did number 4 do to you that you can never forget? (Helen)
All the random inside-jokes we shared, I'll treasure them... TwT

25. What have you done for 1 that the person never forgets?(Kim)
All the random drawings I've drawn by her orders... I can't say for sure, since I'm not her, but I definitely hope she doesn't forget!:P

26.What's 3’s hobby? (Darren)
err... dota? Having weird perverted fantasies...?

I tag;

-Kim, if you want to redo:P
(just because I tag you, doesn't mean you have to do it, honestly I don't actually particularly enjoy being tagged normally:P)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Joy of Cooking

Yesterday's dinner consisted of...

Lamb flower!

Cucumber flower!

Mashed-potato flower!

Cauli-FLOWER! heehee, geddit? Geddit?! ah~ the lameness never ends~

Failed mushroom flower Mushroom man!
(For the sauce to go with the lamb)

I also found a scarred apple (which my sister brought to work to eat today). Despite the huge, ugly scar; I found the way in which the pattern swirls according to the crevasse really pretty...

this has been a text-lacking, image-heavy post from a lethargic Feng. I hope you were somewhat entertained regardless.;)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Aiyaaaaaaaaaaa... catch up time!

Okay! So I've had an eventful week. I was meaning to blog about it since the fun started... but never got around to it til now............. Oops.>w>;;;;;;;; sigh... we'll make this a long post then. Props to you if you actually read to the end.:P

13th June, Friday
The GAT... that was actually kinda fun. -nerd- I found it difficult to write about diamonds... but it was easy for me to write the opinion piece. It was a personal issue! I ranted about how artistic 'heroes' weren't given the recognition they deserved, being cast into the shadows of the 'heroes' stealing the spotlight (e.g. sportsmen). It's a personal issue because for all of my school-life my artistic 'achievements' have always been overshadowed by the sporting 'achievements' of others....... :( ah well~:P I had about an hours worth of free time after completing the multiple choice questions so I doodled...

^I made a animals out of the first 2 columns of my multiple choice answers! (This would be terribly embarassing if they're all wrong..........)

After the GAT, I went home, napped then started the face-painting(make-up). Helen came over to get her face painted by me too.:) Then... stuff started going out of the time allocated to it and my planned arrangement shattered to pieces... hence Jenny(who hitched a lift off me) and I were 45mins late to the formal............................... just in time for the appetizer though!:D The meal consisted of Pumpkin Soup, Beef/Chicken/Vegetarian-something and a strange Slice(?) of Ice Cream.

Oh yeah... more importantly than the food... Everyone looked SOOO GOOOOD! All the girls were so pretty!TwT People with partners looked cute matching their partners!:D It was also fun getting partners to dance together... IvyxDarren! Both so shy... so cute! Darren even bought Ivy a bracelet!OoO Quite impressive *nod of approval* ...though I noticed that they seemed to sit further and further away the more they were teased... oops~!

Dancing was fun too... though dancing was often interrupted by the mean photographer lady! She was very rude:( and apparently, quite strange. o.o She went to Dilini's table, sat down and started talking about how she felt Asians either look really young or really old and how she couldn't determine an asian's age. Hmm...

(click for larger image)

16th June, Monday
I'd been underestimating the fun to be had at VA all this time... VA is super cheap fun!OoO $3 an hour?! It's $2 for about 5mins of DDR in an arcade! Anyway, upon arrival I found Darren(cheah), Darren(liauw) and Elton playing COD4 against the yr10s (and getting owned by them..). So I decided to play too!:D I've never been really any good at shooting games... Well, later everyone else came and teams became more even.:) We started winning, sort of... Then I decided to go on the yr10s team as a 'sitting duck suicide' kind of player...;) The year 10s were getting annoyed from the opposite side of the room.:P

Then we played DOTA!:D ahhh my first game of dota~ *reminisces* I remember how excited I was to try out Mirana's skills... and I remember being taught to farm... and was happily farming away UNTIL the evil, conniving, merciless Elton Lee Yew Kuan killed me! No matter~ I will avenge myself one day.>:)(edit/update: which I already have)

^PoTM Feng:D

After eating at Tea House (some weird restaurant which only Cheah favours) we decided to go to Elton's house. Darren(liauw) kept getting attacked by his house!XD He tripped over a random hole in the grass... and then whacked by the long stalk of a flower. Going to Elton's house kind of reminded me of Malaysia with the the loud banters he had with his brother. It's quite amusing that Elton and Douglas are like polar opposites from each other...

19th June, Thursday
After school, Jenny, Ivy and I went to Chadstone to shop for Richard's birthday present. It was hard because most of the shops had a sorta surfer-fashion for guys and because Richard is picky with clothes.:P We ended up buying him a jumper-hoodie with an hour left to roam around... which is when I saw a pair of boxers saying 'DO NOT ENTER' on the front.:) Presents for an 18th have to be somewhat sexual, don't they? I also ended up buying him a pretty princess crown along with the boxers.

As soon as I reached home, I was whisked away to the city for 哥哥's birthday dinner. We went to 全聚德 烤鸭(Quanjude Roast Duck). The food wasn't that great... and all the dishes/cutlery had a weird chinese motif on it with a weird-looking cross-eyed dragon! Either that, or it was duck-shaped dishes.:P We ended the meal with cakes from Laurent~

^Fell in love with the Bacio(Chocolate & Hazelnut) mousse

^Duck chopstick holders

20th June, Friday
Rushed home from school, changed then rushed back to school with Helen. We met everyone in the VCE centre and bussed down to Rowville... Ben lives in a shopping district laid out like in America!O_O Then we walked to his church where we played soccer and football..........?o.o Anyway, at about 7pm people were being sent to the Ice-skating centre. Richard, Darren(cheah), Mong, Shun, Elton, Helen and I were the last round to be sent. We had a bit of waiting to do before getting picked up so we mucked around a little... Darren(cheah) discovered that he'd been mistaking SF's "Hadouken" with "Abugen" all his life...........

Arriving at the Ice-skating centre in Oakleigh, we all proceeded in, put on our ice-skates and made our way to the rink. Instant pros: Helen, Richard(barnett) & Kih! Going round and round in circles was unexpectedly fun!:)

...then I went home and played dota, making my first 'official'(meaning that the person didn't let me kill them out of pity) kill against Edward!:D

21st June, Saturday
Richard's birthday! Went to the city with Ben, Helen, Ivy and Narae and walked to Yoyogi only to find that there wasn't enough space to fit everyone. Then the manager came out to tell us that when we did get a table, we'd have to hurry up because there was another booking later... this is after Richard attempted to book a week in advanced and the attendant at the phone claimed, "Sorry, we don't take bookings anymore." Very, very suspicious. =_=

^The crowning of Sir Richard Hinze
Because of this, we went to Ajisen Ramen instead... after eating, I snuck the pretty crown on Richard(as depicted above) while Andrew(challis) and Steven chugged sake... Helen and I got curious and took a sip. IT WAS SO BAD! I definitely do not like the taste of alcohol at all, let alone the smell! How can people drink that stuff?! ...and why was it only me.......... Helen and Jenny didn't gag on their first sip...

Then we went to FotoWorld (or something similiar in name) where Steven scored most people some plushies! I got a smiling pink pile of poop!:D Then we took purikura in a machine... which edited photos to make it look like everyone wore heavy eyeliner...

22nd June, Sunday
(I give up writing in detail!T_T) Made cupcakes with mum. They were Lemon cupcakes with Raisins in them. Later on, we decided the lemon flavour wasn't strong enough so we added dollops of lemon icing on the top.

Notice that the I wrote less for each day as the blog post progressed... with the exception of Richard's birthday.;)
Did you seriously read it all........?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


heehee... geddit? It's me in the freedom gundam!*gets shot for lameness* Anyway, yes! I am FREE now! No more motion/structures&materials/electronics studies for the rest of my life... maybe!>w> Today is a GREAT day!

Preparation for physics wasn't all thaaaaaat bad... I'm proud that I actually stuck to the study schedule I arranged without procrastinating at all!OoO Could it be? Is my self-discipline... improving?! Anyway, the main thing that made the 5 days of perpetual study bearable was study group on Monday at Darren(cheah)'s house! (5 days without human contact would have driven me on the verge of suicide, I think...) Helen and I were the only ones who got work (W=fdcosg *gets shot again*) done... the guys dota-ed. =w=;; Oh yeah! Darren can actually drive!O__O His driving's really scary though... he doesn't watch the road enough, turning around to join in the conversation at the back....................... song selection wasn't bad (despite Harith's disapproval) though!^^ Journey home was reaaally random. Dropping Shun off at Clayton, we then had a pit stop at Red Rooster for toilets. Then, we went through the drive-thru for a box of fries only to park outside a desolate Bunning's warehouse to eat them. Well, seems like we all managed to get home alive. :)

Tuesday was pretty dramatic... so many mood-swings! From feeling relief to losing the will to live.......... I spent the day doing past exam papers, cramming on transistor amplifiers and creating a neat, comprehensive summary sheet to make myself feel a bit more secure. Special thanks to Vincent for the pick me up!TwT

Okay, this'll be a shorter post. Stay tuned for my next post about the Formal on Friday!:D ahh~ Can't wait to see everyone in glamour-mode! Also, can't wait to see the pairings together! HelenxBen, RichardxNarae, DarrenxIvy (,JennyxFeng)... you guys better dance together!;) It'll be sooooo cute!TwT

Makeup OVERKILL である!!!

Dedicated to Peter since he may have wanted to know to what extent the content of conversations Helen and I share is considered 'weird'. Here is one we had today after being shooed from the courts in school by a meaaaaaan teacher:
F: てめ・・・
H: う~~~~かなしいね・・・
F: はあい。ざんねん。
H: う~~~ぼくケーキすきなのに。
F: わたしわサッカーすき。
H: う~~~~~ばか!(refering to the Richard... for no reason?)
F: う~~がっこうばが!・・・がっこうバーガー。
H: がっこうバーガーうまくない!
F: まずい・・・
H: our conversations are so retarded...

EDIT: Added extra 'E's to the title~;)

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Exams = study?

Not completely.:) Well, sure. I have been studying... I'm just saying that studying isn't the only thing I've been doing~ So here I will blog about all the things I've done, excluding studying, to get my mind off studying.

First up, in preparation for studying, I borrowed Shun's physics notes, courtesy of Jack to photocopy for my own since I was too lazy to go to the lessons, thinking that I didn't really need it. (Still not sure whether I needed it or not but ah well, better safe than sorry~) Unexpectedly, Shun handed me a huge pile of notes... there were over 50 pages! I am now pro at photocopying!

Apart from photocopying and studying, I have also been drawing A LOT lately, which makes me happy! It's like a huge surge of inspiration combined with the nagging urge to draw finally took over my laziness and got me to be productive! Also, I found that I had somehow magically improved suddenly. o.o I'm still in the experimental stages of CG though... my next piece will be an experiment on colour!^^ Here are the pieces I've done so far:
(click on the thumbnails to see the larger versions)

All 3 were done in Photoshop CS2 with the brush tool. I like leaving the brush strokes in instead of completely blending them out, i think it makes the piece more interesting.:) My viscom teacher seemed impressed, so I'm happy!

Oh yeah, I've taken up Soccer again! Yay for exercise! Exercise is supposed to relieve stress (from studying...?)!^^ I actually really like playing soccer... it's more fun than I remembered. I used to play in at breaks and lunchtimes in yr 5 or 6 at G.I.S... but stopped when one of my toenails came off.................... anyway! My soccer skills have deteriorated! I have been reduced to only being able to steal the ball from the opposition. Sure, I do that relatively well... but when I do get the ball from the other player, I have no clue what to do with it. Pass it? Yeah, chances are it'd be passed back to the person I stole it from or someone in their team.TwT Also, the only person who passes me the ball is Darren(cheah)... probably out of pity. OTL Appreciated under normal circumstances, Darren. However, I am not involved in normal circumstances in soccer due to my lack of skills........ I MUST IMPROVE. I will improve. It would help if the ball would stop flying at me though.:P

Now for the more photo heavy segment of this entry; 'What I did today'. I STUDIED and procrastinated studying with the help of Mr. Camera! I had fun exploring perspective...


After taking many macro shots of objects (pencils, notes, calculator, keyboard, handphone, mints, brushes, lamp) I got bored and turned the camera on myself.... Perspective under shots aren't flattering at all but oh well!:P(note: No laughing at my weird Appolo Justice hair!>.> I was physically in studying mode!)

and then came the silly shots...

how bad would these look if I had a double-chin?:P

sigh... blogging break is over. Back to studying~ Good luck with exams, everyone!