Tuesday, January 20, 2009


...from potato chips. I developed a chips addiction ever since I started bringing bottles of Nandos peri-peri sauce around with me... potato chips + peri-peri sauce = a marriage in my mouth. However, since potato chips are unhealthy, I've decided to place a ban on myself, I am prohibited from:
  1. Consuming potato chips belonging to another, even if offered.
  2. Purchasing potato chips from any establishment, with the sole exception of "Chickie Babes" a.k.a. 'Asian Charcoal Chicken', Mt Waverley.
  3. Entering the premises of "Chickie Babes" unaccompanied.
  4. Forcing friends to go to "Chickie Babes" with me.
*breaks down crying*
I haven't decided how long to sentence myself to this ban for... at the moment, it's probably going to be for about a month, but if I'm 'lucky' (in other words, 'have no self-discipline') I may release myself on the grounds of 'good behavior'.

Another addiction of mine that some of you have noticed is *drum roll* WoW. Otherwise known as 'World of Warcraft. I got sucked in upon hearing that you could have pets as a hunter... which was a big deal for me because:
a. in every RPG I played, I would opt for the character class which employed the bow and arrow in combat.
b. I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove animals, and I've always wanted a pet!

...mix 'em together and whaddya get? Feng's DREAM COMBO! How could I possibly resist my DREAM COMBO? It wasn't my fault that I joined WoW............

By the way, feel free to ask me out to Chickie Babes, kay?;)