Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My traumatic, near-death experience

No internet for a month! It was a miracle that I SURVIVED. (It actually wasn't too bad but yeah, I need something to write about...) Why didn't I have internet? I was moving house.:) I currently reside in fair Canterbury, close to the beaaaauuuutiful Maling Road. The process of packing everything into boxes made me realise how much junk I own... but that same process has allowed me to unearth precious photos of my childhood! Dammit, I used to be cute.:(

I also started moving house the same time I stared uni! I LOVE MY COURSE. My lecturers are all nice and have their little personal quirks. So far, my favourite is Alex, my Illustration lecturer. He shows us a lot of interesting animations and artworks from various artists and gives little honest comments of his opinion on pieces. Like, "This artist, I find very weird, his works are very grotesque, and I actually don't like his works that much... but oh well!" and continues showing us that artist's works for a bit. He's got a good sense of humour too, and has interesting approaches to illustration. In our first lesson, we were given a potato and were made to feel it in order to draw it instead of doing regular observational drawings. Then, in our last lesson, we got to make characters from PLAYDOUGH! Everyone was feeling happy and nostalgic~

My playdough lady, she has a very pretty spatula head.:)