Saturday, October 9, 2010

Oh yeah...

Larger version available on my tumblr.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hello, friend

Remember that last blog post I wrote? Oh, you know... that one about a piece I drew when I was 7. What I forgot to mention in that post was how the discovery got me inspired and itching to illustrate! 40 minutes ago, it was the 4th of the Fourth month which is when I experienced an incredibly immense illustration itch! I drew 3 pieces... which is something I haven't done in a single day in a long, loooooooooong time! Also, 4 happens to be my favourite number... coincidence? I'm not actually sure; maybe my subconscious had something to do with this surge of productivity/creativity...

Anyhoo, here are the 3 illustrations in the order of how much effort was put into them.
(I saved the best for last! Heehee.)
I've been envious and inspired by her art since we met! She showed me her sketchbooks
from last and this year recently; I am still in awe of the things I saw! Keep up the indescribably
amazing work, Helen!

This could quite possibly be the first drawing of a scene I've ever done that doesn't look terrible.
I think it'd be nice to sing and watch a duck on a wooden bridge in a park on a nice day! Looky,
there's even a little toadstool!:D

This is the first time I've drawn a pigeon (quick doodles aren't counted!) despite having taken hundreds of photos of them. I like pigeons!

My new friend, Sara Peanut Butter(the camera), appears in the last 2 drawings. It just goes to show how much I like her! I can't wait to get the film developed!

I hope you liked my drawings! Tell me what you think of them.:)
I'm going to sleep well tonight! Good night!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A drawing from 1997

It says, 'I am going to be an artist', I drew/wrote it when I was 7 years old! I think my 7 year old self would be proud of what current-me can draw and for persisting with drawing for all these years. I wonder what I'd be like if I had stopped drawing somewhere along the way... what would I be doing instead? I can't imagine it! Heehee, I'm living my dream...


I wore a red beret in a feeble attempt to look more artistic!:P

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The end of a comic dry spell

It's based on and inspired by a conversation I had with sir Chad! Don't get me wrong though, I am excited that Alice in Wonderland is coming out... it's just that... everybody on earth marching forth at the same time would be a huge demonstration of unity! It'd be nice; there's not too much global teamwork going on nowadays, I think.

As per usual, I have doubts on whether my comic has even just a smidgen of entertainment value. I sure hope it does for your sake!