Tuesday, April 29, 2008


'sright! This post is all about L-O-V-E. I had recently & temporarily fallen victim to teen angst on the subject of Love... and so, decided I needed to let loose- what better place did I have to do so in than my own blog?

First up! With my lovely assistant, Joy, I have compiled a list of suggestions for guys on girls! If you are searching for ideas, this would be the lifeline that Joy and I have dropped for you:

6 Simple Suggestions for guys to follow(if they opt to):
(some of them apply to girls too)

#1. Say "I Love You" like you mean it! This is very important.

#2. Make them feel beautiful. 99% of girls suffer from low self-esteem. Tis very sad...

#3. Surprise her once in a while! It could be as simple as... a sandwich with a jam-heart...?!

#4. If she's cold, offer her you coat. If she refuses...
jĸaoo ! says:
jĸaoo ! says:

#5. Follow the basic etiquettes of courting! For example, confess your feelings in person. Not through sms, instant messaging, e-mail etc...

#6. joykao ! says:
such as, your 1-year anniversary. Many girls seem to care about these things and even if yours doesn't, she'll still be touched that you remembered!

Now on a different branch on the subject of Love... I find myself amused by the question, "Can we fall in love now?" posed by DOPING PANDA in their song, 'kiss my kiss'. The song isn't the best but I am addicted to it because of that line. It's so strange... but I think what amuses me is the straightforward nature of that question... and how it seems to portray 'Love' as an effortless choice. It has a reckless charm.......

Feng :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I now abruptly drop my Art on your browser

As the title states, here are some of my recent little works:
(click image to view larger version)

^Mahjong night at Jenny's. I went to watch and learn (while accidentally stuffing Wang up in many ways). If you were an intense gamer, you'd probably see Spyro and a Chocobo.

^Also drawn on Mahjong Night. I enjoyed drawing the hair ornament! It consists of a Flower, couple of feathers, hanging beads and a shell/orchid<--open for interpretation.....
^Drawn for Viscom. It was one of the concepts for the surface design of the package (for a hair product.) Here, I was exploring shape and pattern in the hair using a complimentary colour to define. If I do end up using this concept, I will change her face; I feel it is much too snobby as it is now.

^Drawn today during Art class and coloured with Markers at home. He looks like a corpse because I don't have a flesh-toned marker to colour his skin with...

On the topic of "today"... today was a good day! I stood only around half a metre away from 2 magpies. (It was a good feeling when they didn't fly away in fear of me.) What actually happened was that while getting home from school, watching the ground as I walked; I suddenly noticed the 2 magpies to my left. I looked at the one closest to me... it looked back at me... then silence fell where all 3 of us paused.

I regained my senses and kept walking on, laughing to myself about having an awkward moment with Magpies. Who wudda thought it possible?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Onigiri Appreciation

(^That's Onigiri I made for a picnic at the zoo in the background)
It's been 2 years from now since I first started bringing Onigiri to school! Since then... I've never brought a sandwich in for lunch! I don't think I'll get sick of it any time soon... so many flavours! Though my favourite has always been うめぼし(pickled sour plum) from the beginning.

When I find a favourite something, I usually stick to it like my life depended on it.................... For example, my favourite type of Bubble Tea is the Red Pearl Milk Tea, the plain original. I've never tried any other flavour (though I am sometimes tempted to try the Red Bean Pearl Milk Tea). Also, Quagsire! I know its stats aren't the best. I know it's not the cutest pokemon. I know it looks like a blue & purple dinosaur........... but look at that nonchalant gaze!!!! *swoons*

I suppose it's one of my many little policies... "Find a favourite and stick to it." could this be counted as a form of loyalty?:) Speaking of policies... One often finds setting a few to live by are extremely helpful in keeping oneself happy! (Though I suppose it depends the type of policy one sets... ) Here are a few of mine:

1. "What hurts me but doesn't kill me only makes me stronger."
I've always liked this one especially... I get an amusing mental image when I think of it!

2. "A day without laughter is a day wasted."
This one tends to be easy for me to carry out... doing so makes me feel accomplished everyday!:)

3. "Those who drink to drown their sorrows should know that sorrow knows how to swim."
Okay, this one is quite irrelevant but I thought I'd just throw it in. I got it from a fortune cookie back when I was about 9 and it has always amused me.

I should end this image intensive entry before I crash someone's computer browser... with another image!! This is what I may look like if I were an anime character:

^Taken on Friday by mum. Don't know what I was doing... probably staring into space... perhaps day-dreaming?
Hooray for overexposure and a shaky-handed photographer!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Humble Beginnings

(^that's supposed to be me... but it's hard drawing myself as a Chibi since I'm quite far off from Chibi... anyway:)
Yes, welcome to my new blog! This one will be filled with my little doodles, my revelations, hopes & dreams among other things. Ah... I'm getting self-conscious already.....

Wang made one with me! His is called "Death is Ugly". Geddit? We have matching blog names! Here's his: http://rawrikon.blogspot.com. Oh yeah, brace yourself for a generous helping of lameness if you continue to follow my blog... ^^;

hmm... I suppose I'll explain my blog URL, "noteandkey". There are many ways of interpreting it.... it could be:

a. "Note" as in "a brief letter" with "Key" as
"Device that is turned to open a lock". This
could imply something like a key with its use
explained in the note e.g."Front Gate Key".

b. "Note" as in a Musical Note with "Key" as
a piano key. (This one's straightfoward so I
won't explain~)

along with many other combinations depending on the definitions of the two words. Alright, enough beating around the bush~ "noteandkey" is what I perceived "noutenki" to sound similiar to. Noutenki in this context is "脳天気". It refers to one being positive no matter the situation; someone who sees the brighter side in everything! Why don't I just use noutenki in my URL instead? It was taken. OTL If you visit http://noutenki.blogspot.com/ you'll find yourself at a blog written in Japanese, main subject being vegetables.

Why noutenki in the first place? I like being noutenki. :) Also, the little yellow man hanging off my DS has "脳天気" written down his tummy.

The editing is Japanese Pop Culture-esque! I've been inspired by their style of graphics/editing for a long time... I want reference materials in this style! Any recommendations?

Oh speaking of art! I want to pay a visit to the Top Arts and Top Designs exhibitions!!! A student from Mt.Waverley got included in the Top Arts exhibition this year! Ms. Sigmund (Art teacher) mentioned the student making a marine-life inspired wedding dress, I look forward to seeing that! Someone please go with me!TwT

~~~on a completely different note:

Some of you may know that my uncle is staying at my house during his visit to Melbourne. I'm now... try... to avoid him... because of this conversation:

He went on for an hour and a half. (I'm not exaggerating! He really did go on for that long... though he didn't exactly say "in fact let me tell you the rest of my life story" that was me telling you what he did next without having to extend the comic too much.) I was trapped! Too polite to dismiss myself... yet too worried about homework not being complete to enjoy this one-sided conversation. OTL

(note: Apologies for the messiness of the comic... I will try to refine the comics in the following posts! Also, I hope the font isn't hard to read!)