Tuesday, May 26, 2009


How to tell that your local Feng is experiencing stress? Look out for these symptoms:
-cravings of junk food: McDonalds, candy and a lot of bacon
-loneliness; wanting to meet up with friends, but doesn't ask to because
time is needed to fix whatever is causing the stress. (i.e. folio)
-runny nose
-further inflammation of eczema on the neck
-trippy nightmares of dooooom
-darker drawings

Oh, lookie what I drew today~

30min speed paint on Photoshop

I expect to recover by the 9th of June, that's when the folios for all my subjects are due. Until then I'm going work my bum off... Work/study hard everybody! Good luck!:)

on the side_
*giggles* I stole that from Sandra's blog
Anyway, some of you have noticed that my animated banner has been replaced by an art nouveau style design. This is temporary as I am currently developing the widescreen version of the animation. It will also be updated since my drawing style has changed since this blog was first made. Of course, I'll work on it after my folio work is complete.:P

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Comic I drew yesterday:

I love & hate my scary coffee mug...

I had a really good drawing day yesterday! 6 pages of Feng-scribbles for me to amuse myself with in the future (assuming my sense of humour stays as childish as it is currently.)

Friday, May 8, 2009

My (day)dream

I had a daydream yesterday, it was weird... It felt exactly like a dream that one has at night while asleep, but I was sitting up and my eyes were open the whole time!(I know this because my eyes were feeling very dry by the time I snapped out of it.) Oh well, it was a nice (day)dream... I haven't had Oreos in a while.

(If you're one to pay close attention to detail, you may have noticed that in the frame where I'm showing the guy at the counter my empty biscuits, he's suddenly holding something. That's exactly what happened in the dream.:S)