Monday, August 31, 2009

Highdrayshun station

28th July, 2009: Feng is in the shower... having a shower. She finds that her regular shampoo is no longer available in its bottle, but notices that fortunately, her mother has bought a different brand of organic shampoo to replace the previous one. Feng's imagination is sparked upon reading the text on shampoo's label.

'Hydra stabilising' is the topic of her thought for the duration of the shower, after which, she forgets about everything she dreamt up until she is reminded by friends(Janice & Annita) of her un-updated blog. The shampoo and the reminders from her friends then inspire her to birth her latest comic:

LOL! I wanted to try writing a post in third person... it felt funny, I was giggling the whole way.XD The crazed, green hydra head is my favourite one... though I think it looked funnier in the draft version of the comic. Oh well~ My first non-food-related comic!:O

Do you get it?! Or is my sense of humor too lame/weird... or did I not lay the comic out well..?!D: