Saturday, May 31, 2008

Exams = study?

Not completely.:) Well, sure. I have been studying... I'm just saying that studying isn't the only thing I've been doing~ So here I will blog about all the things I've done, excluding studying, to get my mind off studying.

First up, in preparation for studying, I borrowed Shun's physics notes, courtesy of Jack to photocopy for my own since I was too lazy to go to the lessons, thinking that I didn't really need it. (Still not sure whether I needed it or not but ah well, better safe than sorry~) Unexpectedly, Shun handed me a huge pile of notes... there were over 50 pages! I am now pro at photocopying!

Apart from photocopying and studying, I have also been drawing A LOT lately, which makes me happy! It's like a huge surge of inspiration combined with the nagging urge to draw finally took over my laziness and got me to be productive! Also, I found that I had somehow magically improved suddenly. o.o I'm still in the experimental stages of CG though... my next piece will be an experiment on colour!^^ Here are the pieces I've done so far:
(click on the thumbnails to see the larger versions)

All 3 were done in Photoshop CS2 with the brush tool. I like leaving the brush strokes in instead of completely blending them out, i think it makes the piece more interesting.:) My viscom teacher seemed impressed, so I'm happy!

Oh yeah, I've taken up Soccer again! Yay for exercise! Exercise is supposed to relieve stress (from studying...?)!^^ I actually really like playing soccer... it's more fun than I remembered. I used to play in at breaks and lunchtimes in yr 5 or 6 at G.I.S... but stopped when one of my toenails came off.................... anyway! My soccer skills have deteriorated! I have been reduced to only being able to steal the ball from the opposition. Sure, I do that relatively well... but when I do get the ball from the other player, I have no clue what to do with it. Pass it? Yeah, chances are it'd be passed back to the person I stole it from or someone in their team.TwT Also, the only person who passes me the ball is Darren(cheah)... probably out of pity. OTL Appreciated under normal circumstances, Darren. However, I am not involved in normal circumstances in soccer due to my lack of skills........ I MUST IMPROVE. I will improve. It would help if the ball would stop flying at me though.:P

Now for the more photo heavy segment of this entry; 'What I did today'. I STUDIED and procrastinated studying with the help of Mr. Camera! I had fun exploring perspective...


After taking many macro shots of objects (pencils, notes, calculator, keyboard, handphone, mints, brushes, lamp) I got bored and turned the camera on myself.... Perspective under shots aren't flattering at all but oh well!:P(note: No laughing at my weird Appolo Justice hair!>.> I was physically in studying mode!)

and then came the silly shots...

how bad would these look if I had a double-chin?:P

sigh... blogging break is over. Back to studying~ Good luck with exams, everyone!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dear friends,

I am tired............... and am staring at the computer screen with my eyes half open, writing this entry. Slit-vision, yay! Who needs night vision... when you can have slit-vision instead? Great, now I'm so tired I've gone a bit weird. (To those who are thinking about writing: 'but you're always weird!' in a comment; I SAW THAT COMING... and this is proof.:)"

Today was an action-packed day! It started off with a photoshoot by Josh's request. He had been yearning to do an autumn shoot despite my cries of protest which consisted of the one argument: "but... I'm a pizzaface... T___T" (figure out the metaphor yourself!:P) So Josh drove down mont albert rd while Chan(Sarah), Helen and I scouted for a nice street where trees knew it was autumn. It was hard! About 80% of the streets had at least 1 green tree or consisted completely of green trees. Josh then suggested calling his friend Albert (who lives on Mont Albert Rd) and asking if we could photoshoot at his house. Little did us unsuspecting girls know that Albert... lives in a MANSION. It was huuuuuuuuge!OoO We felt overwhelmed just waiting outside at the gates. The same experience Haruhi must've felt on her first visit to Ouran High... Here are 2 photos from the shoot, click for larger image (as if you need them any bigger...):


Next, the Japan Festival! My stomach was very, very happy by the end of this. I had Takoyaki, Yakisoba, Dorayaki, some sushi and Calpico(soda)~ There were many stalls and rooms to explore. Helen sat down to challenge a man at a game of go which lasted a while... so Andy(zhang) and I kept ourselves entertained by abusing the unoccupied go board. Since we didn't know how to play go, we played a slightly more advanced form of Tic-Tac-Toe and Checkers instead. It was amusing that we gathered a crowd, misleading them into thinking we actually were playing go!:D Peter also showed up later, he challenged a man to go and won!

Later, we went to the town hall to watch some of the performances. We watched a Tea Ceremony Dance, Naginata & Kendo demonstrations and a Band (instruments: Piano, Violin & Shamisen). Photo above is of the Kendo group putting on their helmets, shot at 1 sec. exposure. Hopefully they don't hunt me down for adding those captions... but that's what I thought when I saw the photo after uploading it from the camera!>w> I was dead tired upon arriving home from the festival but couldn't relax the rest of the day away as I had an Art SAC to prepare for. Thus, what I thought would be a boring part of the day commenced. It wasn't boring!:D I found an apple with a bum when going to get a snack! My theory: Peach + Apple = Apple with a bum~ Makes sense, doesn't it?!

later on, my sister arrived home for dinner from her trip to Germany! According to her, the houses look exactly like the ones you can roll up in the Bird-Elephant 500m level in katamari!!!O__O She also brought me back a box of chocolates! Possibly the most beautiful box of chocolates I've seen as of yet!TwT Even when the chocolate is gone... I will still cherish the tin it came in.................

How did you spend your day?^^
Yours sincerely,

P.S. I missed out on rock-climbing!!!i_i Completely forgot about it... ah well! Let's go sometime!:)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Writing this entry...

with an On-Screen keyboard!i_i

...have to click each and every letter! No touch-typing for me... OTL (and I'm making typing mistakes in every word!) My keyboard recently went rogue on me; everything I type using it comes out as incomprehensible gibberish! For example, if I were to type the sentence, 'the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog' using my keyboard, it would come as: 'yet wuik br5sowfx] ofx]gj/uvm,pyetd ovm,yetr 5syet lyet dogj/'. So those of you whom I frequently chat with on msn would notice that I have resorted to using the pen/handwriting tool...^^;

On a happier note... a big , in fact, HUGE 'Thank you!' to those whom I was allowed to scab food from during break time today!:D Namely, Ben Chang for half an LCMs bar, Ivy for a fraction of her sweet-salty rice cracker, Richard for half a hash brown and Jenny for a nibble of her funny-tasting/textured canteen-provided potato cake! This hungry little hobo appreciated it a lot!TwT ahhh... friendship... so beautiful... *sniff*

Speaking of friendship... Mikey's party was full of it! Seeing friends I hadn't seen in a while was great!TwT Chan, Janice, Xandie, Will, Rodric, Fade... AND it was Allan & Feng, Oppa-Dongseng 1 year anniversary!!OwO That high-5 we performed was Epic!*inserts llama emoticon* Super Smash Brothers was good too! heehee waddle dees... If only I were better at it... ah well! At least I stand a chance in providing competition when using Kirby instead of just being a punching bag...