Monday, April 27, 2009


(No doodles in this post... or any post from now on until someone can help me find a safe keygen for Adobe Photoshop CS4.)

There's nothing that makes me feel more motherly than baking a cake! I'd love to bake cakes for my (future) children (if any)! That being said, I plan to properly ensure that they do not become obese from my treats either. (Seeeee! I'm going to be a responsible mum! ...If I ever become a mum... I have many fears about childbirth. Not that you really needed to know.:P) Anyway! Back on topic, I made a chocolate cake on Friday!


It turned out pretty well; nice and moist. It was fairly easy to make, and surprisingly it wasn't messy... unlike my life-drawing class today...

Today, I, Feng Chen (also sometimes known as 'Chloe'), drew my first nude drawing. I got really nervous right before the class as my friends and I waited in the corridor for our lecturer. Especially when Jess complained about the previous week's model mooning her in a pose... but when the clothes came off (just the model's, of course) and the drawing commenced, I managed to draw the naked lady unflinchingly. So what was so messy about it, you ask?

The Charcoal.
I accidentally forgot and rubbed my itchy cheek as you
can see by the mark on my face!:(

Oh yeah! In case you were wondering about the title of this post, 'Sweetbitter'... it's like the word 'Bittersweet' but yeah, you know, swapped a bit. 'Sweetbitter' would be what I would use to sum up this post in one word... since chocolate cake is sweet and charcoal... I imagine to be bitter! ahh~ my lameness knows no bounds~

My Blog made it through it's first year!